NPM Home Office


NPM, of course!


St. Louis, MO

Services Performed

  • Build Out
  • Design Build
  • Tenant Improvement
  • New Layout
  • Floor and wall coverings
  • New VAV systems and zoning

Home, Sweet Home!

After getting flooded out of our old office for the second time (yeah, we know, fool us once…) our team decided it was time to move to higher ground. After a few months of searching, we found a great location, but let’s just say it needed a little bit of work.

An Offer We Couldn’t Refuse

Through negotiations with the building owner, we were given a tenant improvement allowance on the basis that we manage our own build-out. We took full advantage of the offer and built ourselves a modern workspace utilizing much of the existing framing and electrical rough-in abandoned by a prior tenant. Completed in September of 2017, our space stands as a testament to the value of utilizing existing infrastructure.

NPM: Project problem solvers!

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