Services Performed

  • Facility Maintenance
  • HVAC Preventive Maintenance
  • Disaster Response and Restoration
  • After-Hours Services
  • Rollouts and Specialty Projects
  • Customer Service

NPM Facilities Partnership Program

NPM is the exclusive facilities service provider for Francesca’s 700+ boutique locations across the U.S. NPM has proudly served in this role for 10 straight years! Our team of project managers process 400-500 service calls each month, resolving each and every facility issue.

24/7/365 Facility Solutions

All service call requests from Francesca’s boutique managers are routed to our team of project managers. Even after hours calls are answered by a veteran manager, we DO NOT use an answering service! Every NPM team member has experience in handling issues that involve HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Handyman, Flooring, Signs, Doors, Glass, and many more.

Why not a call center or answering service?

As part of our value-added services, we strive to provide detailed troubleshooting and creative problem solving on the very first call from our clients. Our extensive experience will regularly allow us to help store staff resolve the issue without having to send a local technician. This benefit yields an immediate cost savings to your maintenance program!

NPM: Project problem solvers!

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